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Networking Products are crucial for our systems to function as our external storage devices, especially for people dealing with extremely important data. Therefore, we offer many options for these products and guide the clients in choosing the best products according to their requirement.

External Hard Drives are fast, cheap and very convenient in storing and backing up your data. 

A Network Attached Storage is a device which helps in storing large amounts of data in a very safe, protected manner. One of the biggest advantages of a NAS device is that it is connected to the internet and therefore allows large amounts of data can to be shared and accessed without carrying it around.

Types of Networking Products

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable Networking / High Speed LAN card / Switches / Routers

Types of Storage Products:

  • HardDiskDrive / External Hard Disk Drive / Network Attached Storage

Brands of Hard Disk Drive:


  • Seagate / Western Digital​ /


UTP Cable

Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable Networking

D-Link Switch

Multiport Network Bridge

WD External HDD

WD Elements External Hard drive 

NAS Drivers

Network Attached Storage

Lan Card

High Speed LAN card

TP Link Switch

Network Bridge


External HardDrive Disk

Diskstation Synology

Network Attached Storage

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