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Rent desktops to meet your computer requirements

High Configuration Desktop System image

High Configuration Desktop Systems

High configuration Apple Mac and powerful desktops ideal for development, design, editing and data processing.

Economical Desktop System Image


Desktop Systems

Standard configuration economical desktops / all-in-one machines ideal for marketing, sales, finance and admin staff for office activities.

Customised Desktops System Image


Desktop Systems

Assembled desktops as per your specific requirements with customisable CPU, memory, storage, and graphics card capabilities.

Leading branded desktops / all-in-ones on rent

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HP Logo
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Acer Logo
Lenovo Logo
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 Processor brands we support

Intel i series Logo
AMD RYZEN Brand Logo

Additional customisations:

  • Upgradable RAM (4GB to 64GB)

  • Upgradable Storage (HDD/SSD) (256GB to 4TB)

  • 16" to 32" LCD/LED Screens with HDMI / VGA / DVI / RGBHV inputs

  • DVD Writers

  • Wi-Fi Card / Gigabit LAN Card / USB / Printer port

  • Wired / wireless mouse & keyboard

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