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Rent high-performance server hardware for your IT system

Run your File Servers, Database Servers, Mail Servers, CAD Servers, Rendering Servers, Testing Servers, and more on our affordable rented server systems.

Rackmount servers image

Rack-mount Servers

Servers for standardised racks that allows efficient use of limited data center space.

Tower servers image

Tower Servers

Tower servers come with high optimisation and customisation capabilities.

Blade servers image

Blade Servers

Servers with high processing power for complex computing needs and  high performance levels.

Leading server brands on rent

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Assembled servers with preferred processors

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Additional customisations:

  • Single, Dual, Quad Processor support

  • Upgradable RAM (as per your requirement)

  • Upgradable Storage (HDD/SSD) (as per your requirement)

  • 16" to 32" LCD/LED Screens with HDMI / DVI / VGA / RGBHV inputs

  • DVD Writers / NAS / SAN

  • Wi-Fi Card / Gigabit LAN Card / USB / Printer port

  • Wired / wireless mouse & keyboard

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